As part of its 2018 Summer Research Programme, BSWN has undertaken a 6-months research project to understand the obstacles to growth and sustainability facing the BAME business sector in Bristol. Amongst the main barriers identified, were a lack of opportunities to connect with similar businesses and share experience and information, a need for increasing strategic collaboration and a request for mentorship and guidance from new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Bristol Urban, Enterprise & Innovation Network was launched by Black South West Network (BSWN) on the 9 th of November 2018 to aid the

development of effective networking, collaboration and innovation amongst BAME entrepreneurs in the South West of England.

In order to overcome the barriers to growth and sustainability, BSWN directly responded to the findings offering the Network as a platform for the BAME business community to come together and meaningfully connect.


Bristol City Mayor, Marvin Rees, is extremely supportive of the initiative: 

Having the opportunities and spaces in which to come together to discuss business issues, develop collaborations, hear of new opportunities, and exchange ideas are the life-blood of a thriving business community. Developing networking opportunities for BME business leaders in Bristol is an essential step forward in our drive to create a vibrant and inclusive economy, and a city in which nobody is left behind.”
— Bristol City Mayor, Marvin Rees