Our team consists of a diverse group of dedicated individuals who contribute their knowledge, experience and world view to make sure our values are reflected in the work that we deliver.  


Sado Jirde


Sado is the Director of BSWN. She has over 10 years experience working in the Civil Society sector in the UK & Internationally. She was awarded The African Achievers Award in 2015.


Dr. Nicole Truesdell

Policy & Research

Nicole’s general interests are in radical pedagogy, academic hustling, and social justice. Her research focuses on the intersections of race, racism, gender, class, citizenship and belonging, nationalism and the nation-state, community organising and activism, social movements, and radical black thought. She has worked with BSWN since 2009 and helped develop and write 3 of the 4 Heritage Lottery Funded projects BSWN has completed, including the current project.


Matt Jacobs

Research & Development

Matt is a PhD Researcher/Candidate at University of Bristol. He specialises in examining Whiteness in organisations' cultures, policies, and practices to address institutional racism and inequality from within and educating on White Privilege and critical examination to address unconscious bias.


Alexandra MacRae

Race Equality Manager/Company Secretary

Alexandra was previously an immigration and discrimination lawyer but since 1999 has moved more into the area of advising on equality and diversity matters, especially in the area of race equality and cultural awareness. She has worked with BSWN since 2012.


Martina (Mina) Drobná

Project Coordinator

Mina started as a volunteer with BSWN in 2014 and following the conclusion of her Masters studies in Criminology at the University of Gloucestershire became the part-time Project Coordinator for BSWN in 2016. Her research focused on hate crime and her general interest lie in addressing domestic violence, gender-based violence, over-representation of minorities in the Criminal Justice System, human rights and social justice.