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Locality South West regional meeting

  • Windmill Hill City Farm Phillip Street Bristol, BS3 4EA Uniter Kingdom (map)

We would like to invite you to a discussion around how effective community anchor organizations can be in fostering and promoting community cohesion* and what we can to improve and develop this work. 

This session is one of three network events entitled Future Places* led by Locality. This event is co-hosted by Locality in association with The Black South West Network.


11amWelcome and introduction(s) expected outcomes and scene setting:  Paul Hassan Locality

11.10am Safe Harbour in a Storm?
(Are Community Anchors responsible for promoting community cohesion?  If so, whats working and what are we struggling with!)

*Community cohesion has been defined in slightly different ways but, at its core, it means: establishing shared values by the building of better relationships across cultural, faith, ethnic and other divides; through bringing people together physically or virtually, to promote tolerance and understanding of the 'other' and; reducing the likelihood of tensions and conflict.

Panel discussion

Chaired by Sado Jirde (Black South West Network)  

Panel members: 

Annie Oliver (Barton Hill Settlement

Jayne Whittlestone, United Communities, Housing Association)

la Toyah McAllister-Jones (Ujima Radio cic)

Patrycja Pinkowska, Community Engagement Officer, Up Our Street. 

12.30 Buffet lunch and networking

1.15pmReflecting on the mornings discussion, we will split into a number of breakout groups (or pairs) to tackle the following challenges

  • How can we develop and tell positive stories of what the future of communities can be after Brexit? 
  • What is the evidence base of the breadth of innovative current practice andhow can it inform Locality’s (and partners)  influencing work? 
  • How can we effectively provide practical challenge to each other and help Locality members (and partners) to maximise their impact locally? 
  • What policy recommendations would we make to influence national, regional and local decision-makers?

Close 2pm wrap up Paul Hassan

2.05 -3pm informal Locality SW members network meeting(optional) 

*About the Future Places Network

The EU referendum exposed a series of deep divides in our society that have been many years in the making. A disempowering democratic deficit, with people felling they lack agency and control over their lives. An unease about demographic change, with people living increasingly separate lives across age, class and ethnicity, made toxic by a strident immigration debate. And a growing sense of inequality, that our economic model has not benefited all communities.

With Brexit negotiations finally underway, these are the big challenges we need to take head on. And at Locality, we believe that our members – community anchor organisations – provide many of the answers. Through community development and community organising, they give local people a voice and strengthen community involvement in local decision making. They bring communities together by providing inclusive places and services. And they can be powerful local economic agents, using assets and enterprise to drive regeneration, often in the most disadvantaged areas.

So we have launched a member-led network: Future Places – to bring Locality members together to discuss how we build a better Brexit for communities. We are organising three network meetings in locations around the country, to learn how community anchors are promoting community empowerment, building community cohesion and driving community economic development; consider how they can do this better; and debate what we need to do to build a more supportive policy environment.

We want to involve as many Locality members as possible in this network, to help us:

  • Shape a positive narrative of what the future of communities can be after Brexit 
  • Build an evidence base of innovative current practice to inform Locality’s influencing work 
  • Provide practical challenge to each other and help Locality members to maximise their impact locally 
  • Compile a set of policy recommendations to influence national, regional and local decision-makers.

To book your space, please follow the link here: