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Bristol Somali Festival 2018

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You are warmly invited by BSWN and partners to the Bristol Somali Festival 2018, which marks the 4th return of the sister Festival to the Somali Festival Week in London. The annual celebration of the local Somali community has become a Bristol staple and part of BSWN's annual contribution to the Black History month. 

"Navigating myriads of imposed labels and finding a space in which your identity is celebrated can sometimes feel impossible. Yet, for many Somalis living in the diaspora, Somali Week Festival (SWF) has become that place. For one evening, Somalis from all walks of life are able to celebrate and revel in their progress and success. By forming new traditions and events, like SFW, we have created a platform where we can unapologetically be ourselves, and celebrate the beauty of our culture and arts. A space by which we control our narrative, and be seen as a force to be reckoned with as opposed to victims of circumstance

Our theme this year celebrates just that. That we Somali’s will remain true to ourselves, continue in the betterment of our host countries and more importantly thrive and become the change we need in this world." says Yasmeen Sheikh, a volunteer for BSF18

The festival will begin in the afternoon with a Somali buffet and a traditional dance performance by popular Somali dance group Qoraan, as well as a powerful rendition of spoken word by our up and coming poet Mohamed Mahamed.

This year, to drive home the theme of identity, belonging and success, we welcome the esteemed Journalist Harun Maruf, (Senior Editor in Voice of America’s Somali Service) who has become a powerful voice on Somali Identity post conflict, and who will be our keynote speaker for the evening followed by a panel discussion. This panel discussion will be followed by a perfomarnce by the the iconic poet Maxamuud Mohamed Yasin “Dheeg”who will present his new poetry collection written with Maxamed Xirsi Guuleed (Abdibashir)

The evening will also encompass the showing of traditional Somali artefacts, which seek to transport us through the ages, and pay tribute to the past by celebrating Somali craftsmanship. We welcome you all to join us in our celebrations, and to take a glance at what it is like being Somali in today's world. 

This year's event has been funded by Quartet Community Foundation and partners, and organised in partnership with local community organisations.

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