Our Approach


It is clear from the data that there remains a significant need for committed and collective work in addressing the structural inequality that affects BAME communities in the UK today. It is also clear that the environment for this work has changed such that there is now an environment of opportunity in which we can work.

The Spheres of BSWN

  1. Accountability and Policy Monitoring
  2. Research, Consultation and Policy Development
  3. Communications
  4. Relationship building/brokerage/ incubation

These are inter-related spheres with each informing and supporting the other.

  • The monitoring of the implementation of the equalities policies by governments and public bodies provides accurate information and analysis on the systemic barriers to equality and leverage to hold organizations to account.
  • This enhances the body of data and information with which to inform decision-makers on policy and delivery issues to ensure that race equality is enshrined in their work.
  • Consultation and research provides flow of information that provides a space in which usually silenced and marginalised voices can be heard and be influential.
  • Communication provides voice and profile to influence mainstream service delivery programmes and raises awareness of equality to the broader public.
  • Relationship building/brokerage/ incubation provides the requisite networking, partnership development, and supported investment to develop the BAME sector and create spaces in which its members can release their agency to the most effect.

 Collaborative Co-production and Development

A core value of BSWN’s work is that work should be collaboratively driven and undertaken by and with the both organizations and their beneficiaries, rather than done to them by wholly external agencies. BSWN believes that each organization and individual has unique skills and experiences that are in themselves resources to be utilized in the development of the work.