Releasing Organizational Agency

BSWN seeks to act as an enabler releasing the agency that is inherent within individuals, organisations and communities of the BAME sector. We do this through:

· Deploying our data resources and relationship brokering competencies to create targeted opportunities for individuals and organisations to flourish;

· Working with VCS organisations serving the BAME communities to ensure they can provide effective support to BAME communities through the use of data and through collaboration, co-production and community/enterprise development approaches;

· Providing BAME communities and individuals access to the tools, spaces and support to determine their own priorities and subsequent pathways, moving them towards their goals and aspirations;

· Improving access to information, services and opportunities for digital inclusion and to create connected communities with access to the digital economy;

· Leading on the development of an Economic Inclusion Strategy that focuses on race with key partners which aims to set up an infrastructure hub that drives economic development within the BME community;

· Brokering relationships in which individuals facing barriers to economic inclusion acquire the skills and support to increase levels of BAME civic and economic participation.

In working with BAME communities, BSWN recognises the importance of fostering healthy partnerships where collaboration, co-production and development underpin our working practices. We consider those agencies (statutory, voluntary and community sector) that specialise in working with or on behalf of BAME communities as resources to be utilised in the development of the work of BSWN and its impact on race equality.