Research & Intelligence

BSWN is research and data driven and we seek to utilise robust and academically sound research on the issues that face BAME communities in Bristol and the South West to inform all aspects of our work. We do this through –

·  Developing strong ties with academic institutions, think tanks and funders, tapping into their expertise and capacity to produce robust data and reports around the race equality agenda.

·  Undertaking research with BAME communities to gain a deeper, qualitative understanding of how issues of racial inequality intersect in their lives and the cumulative nature of the impact;

·  Developing an evidence base for advocating policy/ system change with national & local partners;

·  Feeding back policy development & ideas from the national context through CORE & REM into the local context;

·  Formulating policy recommendation in key policy areas such as Criminal Justice, Education, Health and Employment;

·  Developing of a bank of resources for social action and influencing change;

·  Improving access to information and data for BAME communities.

Alongside this, BSWN supports the Widening Participation Agenda in Higher Education through involving members of the BAME community in its work with the universities, thereby opening further avenues of opportunity for individuals who might otherwise think them out of their reach. This work has a knock on benefit of strengthening the BAME sector by increasing the numbers of academically aware and trained individuals within it.