Voice & Influence

We engage with BAME people across Bristol’s communities with the aim of working with and for those marginalised in society due to their race or ethnicity; a discrimination that is often exacerbated by their socio-economic background and other factors of inequality such as gender, sexuality, faith, and disability. We do this through:

·  Undertaking research and sourcing relevant data to construct an in-depth picture of progress (or lack thereof) in relation to racial inequalities;

·   Working with the BME communities to develop a consensus on visions of the future, based on data and lived experiences, through consultations, conferences and events;

·   Strengthening the voice of BAME communities in influencing the development and design of policies and services through engagement with decision makers;

·   Communicating the outcomes of consultations and events to decision-makers in the public sector arenas such that BAME voices are effectively heard e.g., the Mayor’s City Office;

·   Working with and strengthening BAME networks and individual BAME change agents to campaign against and overcome racial inequality in all spheres of life;

·   Supporting and campaign for the rights of individuals experiencing racial inequality;

·   Contributing to and supporting the work of Bristol Race Equality Manifesto/Commission.