The Philosophy of Mo at the BSF2018

This October, BSWN had the privilege and the joy of hosting a young aspiring entrepreneur and poet, Mohamed Ali, as part of the Bristol Somali Festival 2018. This young and talented visionary has dreams of one day becoming a philosopher.

“Philosophers influence the actions of many by changing the way they think. By sharing my philosophy on success and self-development and focusing on the individual, I believe I can make a difference. We may never change the world in our lifetime, but we can change ourselves”.

During his talk, he shared with us what he calls 'The 5 pillars of success', which captivated the audience and motivated everyone in the room. They are; Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional and Financial.  

Q: You mentioned the 5 pillars of success during your speech and you talked about it in a way that would be engaging for the greater audience, but what can you tell me when it comes to your personal sphere?

Mo: What I like to do is take those five pillars and set tailored goals for each of them. 

Firstly, I would begin by asking myself, where would I like to be 10 years from now? Then work back from that. 

Now, as I grow I expect my goals to change over time thus a goal to me is only there to serve as a sense of direction. 

My emotion, focus and efforts are placed on the journey and not the final destination. 

The second and more important question I'll ask myself is: what can I do today in order to help contribute towards my long-term goals and the bigger vision? 

I always write down my goals and that is primarily for two reason;

Firstly, it holds me accountable. Because when you write down on a piece of paper that you're going to do X, Y, Z. 

24 hours later you'd either have to take it off and say you did it or you'll have to cross it off and say you didn't do it. 

What’s key to take from that is, 'Accountability creates consistency'.

Secondly, by writing down my goals on a single piece of paper. It allows me to look at my life in a holistic manner.

This is important because most people during their day to day life, find themselves focusing on one or maybe two of these pillars.  

For example, only on their financial goals. 

Unfortunately, any happiness attained from this is only temporary. 

‘True happiness can only ever be achieved by continuously progressing in all areas of your life’.

To find our more about Mo and the Philosophy of Mo, please see his Youtube channel HERE and his Twitter HERE.

BSWN hopes to invite Mo and young inspirational artists like Mo to our future events as well.