Human Bias in Artificial Intelligence (AI): Can we fix it?

BSWN and Knowle West Media have partnered to contribute to Digital Cities Bristol 2018 - a week of free training, networking and events aimed at developing the skills of current and future content makers throughout the creative industries. The session was jointly curated in order to discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is increasingly making decisions on our behalf - who gets loans or has access to healthcare. But is AI fair? Or is its increasing inequality because humans have programmed AI with their conscious and unconscious biases - class, race, age, gender and even postcode?

The event heard from several guest provocateurs from communities, business, the arts, and politics putting forward a case around bias in AI before the audience took part in a lively discussion.

BSWN was pleased to have contributed to this event and look forward to working with Knowle West Media Centre in the future as well.