27/10/2018 Bristol Somali Festival 2018

BSWN and partners were delighted to host this year’s Bristol Somali Festival on the 27th October at the Future Inns hotel at the heart of Bristol City Centre. The programme began in the afternoon with a delicious Somali buffet and a traditional dance performance by a group of young Somali girls that had all the attendees clapping and enjoying the performance.

Their dance was followed by a powerful rendition of spoken word by a young Somali up and coming poet Mohamed Mahamed, also known to the community as the artist behind the ‘Philosophy of Mo'. Mo believes that by sharing his philosophy on success and self-development, he can made a difference.

This year, to drive home the theme of identity, belonging and success, we welcomed the esteemed Journalist Harun Maruf, (Senior Editor in Voice of America’s Somali Service) who has become a powerful voice on Somali Identity post conflict, and who spoke about his latest publication ‘Inside Al-Shabaab’, stimulating exciting discussion with the other panelists who included Cllr. Mahadi Hussein Sharif Mahamed, Moestak Hussein, and Idris Abdi.

After a short break, the audience welcomed a performance by the the iconic poet Maxamuud Mohamed Yasin “Dheeg”who presented his new poetry collection written with Maxamed Xirsi Guuleed (Abdibashir)

This year's event has been funded by Quartet Community Foundation and partners, and organised in partnership with local community organisations.