26/05/16 Bristol EU Referendum Debate on Race Equality

This event was held before the date of the EU Referendum in June 2016, in order to provide an opportunity for a discussion on how the EU referendum results will impact BAME communities in Bristol and nationally. BSWN ensured that the panel was balanced and held speakers from both Remain and Brexit supporters. 

The event was opened by Mayor Marvin Rees and Councillor Hibaq Jama of Bristol City Council, followed by a discussion chaired by Patrick Hart from BCfm. The panel included: 

Lee Jasper – Remain

 Amina Leaone - the Strongerin Campaign

 Anna Mcmullen, former Green Councillor - Remain

 Kunle Ololude, Voice4Change England – Brexit

 John Petley - Campaign for Independent Britain

The questions for the panel related to the following themes:

 Institutional Racism

 Immigration

 Employment

The audience members were given red and green cards, which they held up/waved at the panelist to indicate whether they agree or disagree with what was being said. At the end of the event, the audience of approximate 120 attendees was asked how they will vote in the upcoming referendum, with 97 indicating a remain vote and remaining 23 a leave vote.