05/04/16 Bristol’s Mayoral Candidates Questions Time on Race Equality

Black South West Network in partnership with Up Our Street organised a Mayoral Hustings in April 2016, to look specifically at issues of race equality in Bristol. The event was held in the Fielden Theatre at the City Academy, in Bristol's ward with the highest percentage of BAME residents, and at a school that has 70% of its cohort from BAME communities.

The audience of approximately 250 residents and community members was provided with red and green cards in order to indicate whether they agreed or disagreed with what the candidates were saying. Voting devices were also provided to the audience to get their opinion on two questions in particular: 

1. What do you consider to be the biggest concern/issue currently in Bristol? 

An overwhelming majority indicated they considered Institutional Racism to be the greatest issue/challenge the communities currently face. 

2. Who will you vote for to be the next Mayor of Bristol? 

The current Mayor Marvin Rees received the majority of votes at just over 52%, the most out of the 10 candidates. 

The event was covered locally by BCfm and regionally by BBC Point West.