Our Events


About our events;

Our work encompasses a range of activities that are designed to address racial inequality. Events are a crucial part of that work within several different areas: 

  • as part of our Voice and Influence work, organising consultations that focus on the input from the BAME service providers and users, public sector workers and community members helps capture their particular experience and expertise to improve awareness of specific BAME issues
  • our events provide the opportunity for BAME voices to be heard by the decision makers, and to improve that relationship between the people in power and the communities they represent and serve
  • through our events, BAME-led organisations have the opportunity to network and develop partnerships that will enhance and expand their impact 
  • we host our events in a diverse range of venues across Bristol, bringing the community to spaces they may not otherwise frequent, and decision makers to the community space

Event photographs;

To see our photo-gallery on Flickr, please see here.