BSWN is a BME led infrastructure organisation that has worked extensively with BME communities and BME led delivery organisations across the South West.


BSWN works to give a voice to the voiceless.


We engage with BAME people across Bristol’s communities with the aim of working with and for those marginalised in society due to their race or ethnicity; a discrimination that is often exacerbated by their socio-economic background and other factors of inequality such as gender, sexuality, faith, and disability. We do this through:


Development should be data and information driven.


BSWN is research and data driven and we seek to utilise robust and academically sound research on the issues that face BAME communities in Bristol and the South West to inform all aspects of our work. We do this through:


Provide opportunities and spaces for BME led organisations.


It is essential to understand that within the dynamic of challenging racial inequality, key mainstream agencies with an interest in advancing the race equality agenda often lack the internal expertise or the necessary levels of trust to successfully engage with the BAME sector. As such, BSWN uses its expertise to facilitate dialogues and develop relationships between stakeholders through which progress can be achieved in a manner that ensures adequate voice for the BAME communities. We do this through:


Release the agency that is inherent within individuals.


BSWN seeks to act as an enabler releasing the agency that is inherent within individuals, organisations and communities of the BAME sector. We do this through:


Contribute to community cohesion and mutual respect


Our cultural inclusions work focuses on the relationships between heritage of race, identity, and belonging for the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community in Bristol.